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Most connected appliances are, to be blunt but remaining polite, not very good but this new idea for a hob from Whirlpool might just be worth a look. Maybe.

The big drawback of this concept (asides not being available to buy yet as it's a concept) is probably going to the be price but, it looks fantastic and wouldn't be out of place in a sci-fi movie.

Details of quite how this innovative new cooking hob works are not available yet but, we will be watching to see if it ever becomes a reality. From one of the images below however it looks as if the images are projected down onto the cooking surfaces which will not make for an easy installation in many homes.

In the meantime all we can do is look at the pictures and the video from CNET below.

Innovative new concept cooking hob from Whirlpool

New Whirlpool hob concept that appears to show the images being projected down onto the cooking surface

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