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As we reported a few days ago it appears that Whirlpool are to launch what may be the largest appliance recall we’ve ever seen for a potential fire risk.

This confirms what we had learned through trade rumours and it would seem that speculation has turned to fact.

Over the weekend this topic entered the public domain after ITV aired a segment on the subject and published a follow up on its website here:

The modification or as Whirlpool want to call it, a “repair program”, we are informed, requires an addition to the drum to help clear fluff or lint and the replacement of the rear panel of the tumble dryer.

Reports suggest that in some cases (Whirlpool say it’s “rare”) that fluff can build up, touch the heater and ignite.

There is no mention of not using the appliance before the remedial work is carried out at this time which would suggest that it is not an immediate danger but, as Whirlpool have rightly stated we would urge some caution in use just the same and that the product not be left unattended in use.

Affected tumble dryer models have been sold under the Hotpoint, Creda and Indesit brands.

You can check if your tumble dryer is affected by this recall on the Hotpoint website here:

As noted in the article fro mITV, how long it will take to get your dryer made safe is completely unknown however, given that there are rumoured to be about a million of these tumble dryers in the field, possibly more, it may take a while to have them all looked at.

For those with trade access to the forums, you can read the full story as it unfolded in this thread. Please note that access to this is restricted to registered trade members only.

Please Note

If you are looking for help to diagnose problems with your appliance please use the forums , the repairers will not see your comments here and you will not get a response.

many people did not exchange / service due to lack of knowledge or as you previously wrote problems with the phone. Private companies offer service and repair defects, for example
Whirlpool dryer az2303
My dryer stopped getting hot when I opened the back to cheap fluff is every were I always empty and hover out when I checked on line it\'s a fire risk yet u say it\'s not whirlpool has not replied my emails do I get rid which one is safe I had grand children
mrs j lloyd
indesit tumble dryer
i was given a direct tel no i have a indesit idv75 tumble dryer serial no 411272636 . i was told a repair would be done in november 2016 01913870118 they say indesit is nothing to do with them.they gave me a number to ring that was no good either .i now havea collection of7 telephone numbers and none can tell me if my machine is still registerd for a repair dose anyone have a teleph0ne no that actual works or what is going on whith these people
Whirlpool AWZ3303
There are various new reports suggesting that Whirlpool tumble dryers are now affected by this - I have the AWZ3303 model, no green sticker. We\'re being told not to use these dryers now (at all!). See the following link:
Thanks, Ian


Whirlpool models are NOT affected.

Liz middleton
I have a whirlpool AWZ3303 dryer number 857533015030 does this need repairing? No green dot either.

Hi Liz,

As below and other comments, no Whirlpool branded tumble dryer models are affected by this at all.

Awz 7303
Hello. Does the Awz 7303 need recalling?

Many thanks

Hi Luke,

If it is not Hotpoint, Creda or Indeosit branded then it isn\'t affected.

Alison B
Tumble Dryer recall query
I have a Whirlpool AWZ 3413, number 07 0539 507632. Is this model affected by the recall?

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