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Whirlpool have said today that it is to restructure its dryer production facilities for the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions also known as EMEA and cut 500 jobs in the process.

Now we are not saying and neither is Whirlpool that this has anything to do with the dryer fiasco that they inherited from buying Indesit but, well we wouldn't be shocked if it was.

Whirlpool said production at its Amiens, France, facility would cease in 2018 as part of the restructuring.

Whirlpool also said that its Yate facility in the UK would now focus on manufacturing for UK consumers solely, and the production of dryers for non-UK consumer needs would be concentrated in Lodz, Poland. Yate by the way is where all the tumble dryers that have been subject to a safety program were made.

How safe Yate's future is, we don't know.

Whirlpool said it expects to incur about $88 million in costs related to the restructuring.

The company previously said it expects restructuring charges of up to $200 million for 2016.

You can read filing on the matter here:


A Whirlpool spokesman said: "The changes to manufacturing at our Yate facility are part of a broader project involving Whirlpool's industrial footprint for dryers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

"We will be refocusing production at Yate so that it can specialise and focus on manufacturing dryers for the UK and Ireland. UK and Ireland consumers have different preferences to the rest of the EMEA region, and are better served with a local-for-local footprint approach.

"It will allow the plant to be more responsive to seasonal changes in demand in the UK and Ireland market, as there will be greater capacity for increased production in peak periods. This also means we can better serve our trade partners with improved inventory management in the UK.

"The Yate plant will remain a strategic and important part of Whirlpool's production footprint in EMEA. The refocused production at Yate will not begin until 2018. Any consequence concerning potential redundancies for Whirlpool employees will be reviewed at a later date as the proposal progresses. A consultation with the representatives of employees has been initiated."

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