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Whirlpool is getting into smart ovens like the June and others with a funky oven seen at CES in Las Vegas that is connected to the internet and will supposedly cooker most anything for you.

whirlpool smart oven 2


This is like a small freestanding toaster oven, much like the aforementioned June oven and some others that are aiming to steal June's current crown.

The newcomer is called the Smart Countertop Oven and is said to be a limited edition appliance automatically sets the appropriate time and temperature for whatever food the user has placed within the appliance using its smarts that are built in.

The jury is out on these sorts of ovens though, some people love them and others just don't get on with them at all. If you cook then we'd not bother, you really don't need it at all.

If you don't cook, maybe.

But with a price tag in the USA of $799 which, the way things are going with the value of the Pound will likely mean £799, you'd need to be awfully sure it was for you to lay out that sort of money for one.

Oh and that's $200 more than the June oven that's now on its second generation.

So far we know it will be available in the States (obviously) but apparently in Australia also so it may well end up being available in the UK.

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