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Dirty dishes won't stand a chance when Whirlpool brand unveils its new line of dishwashers that combines intelligent features with stylish design. The world's largest manufacturer of dishwashers will begin flooring the new Whirlpool line in July at appliance retailers across the U.S. These super capacity models have two new cycles that help save time and effort as well as a sleek, distinctive look

"The kitchen remains the center of the home and our new series of super capacity dishwashers will help add even more productivity and style to that space," said Bryan Aown, activity director for Whirlpool Cleaning. "Our goal is simple -- we want to make kitchen cleanup easier with less hassle and to give consumers a great looking machine combined with superb performance and capacity."

Two new cycles that free up time and eliminate guesswork are the AccuSense(TM) adaptive wash cycle and the Glass Xpress(TM) cycle:

AccuSense(TM) adaptive wash cycle, incorporating technology developed exclusively by Whirlpool Corporation, has a "sense" of the dishload and automatically selects the appropriate cycle. This effortless cycle selection has dual sensors that measure the load size and dirtiness of the dishes, calculating the precise wash time needed for thorough cleaning.

Glass Xpress(TM) cycle quickly washes large loads of glasses in just 30 minutes, saving a full hour compared to the normal cycle on most major brands of dishwashers. Glasses will be cleaned before the next batch of neighborhood kids need a juice break.

There will be no more wrestling with the dishwasher when trying to load thanks to Load Logic(TM), a super capacity rack system that increases loading flexibility, usable space and makes item placement much easier. There are three levels of the Load Logic rack system (1, 2, and 3) each giving more rack features than the one before. This user-friendly system has features that include fold-down tines, light item clips, cup shelves and color touch points indicating those items that are adjustable -- such as the upper rack. All three levels of the Load Logic system have the AnyWare(TM) Plus Silverware basket which has the option on being placed on the door, providing 100 percent usable space in the lower rack. With Load Logic(TM) 2 system, consumers can run the dishwasher without the upper rack for truly tall and odd shaped items. The Load Logic 3(TM) system provides a third middle utensil rack, which is found in the high-end GU2600 models, so consumers can safely wash knives, spatulas, grilling tools and other large utensils.

In terms of style, each model sports a new console design which has a distinct, streamlined look that looks great on its own and ties in seamlessly with the other Whirlpool kitchen products. On the GU2600, the concealed front panel hides the majority of controls on the upper rim of the door, giving the dishwasher a modern, built-in look.

"Whirlpool conducted market research and developed this new line of dishwashers to meet the wants and needs of our consumers," says Erica Schoff, brand manager for Whirlpool Cleaning. "This line is both eye catching and time saving with solutions like the AccuSense adaptive wash cycle and Glass Xpress. Load Logic 1, 2, and 3 rack systems make loading the dishwasher easier than ever."

Additionally, select models have an innovative cleaning system that simulates "pre-soaking" and comes with a guarantee to clean baked-on food. A Sani Rinse(TM) option is also available and is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation to eliminate 99.999% of food soil bacteria.

Whirlpool dishwashers are available in black, white, biscuit and stainless steel. The new line of Whirlpool dishwashers have a manufacturer's suggested retail price ranging from $249 - $599 and will be available at retail outlets nationwide beginning in July.

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