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Hosts of dinner parties are only too familiar with the problem: The guests have all gone, but piles of dirty crockery remain. This is because domestic dishwashers just cannot clean dirty plates and cups quickly enough. This is why Miele is now launching a new machine which will ensure that nothing is left cluttering up the kitchen: A complete programme on the G 8051i dishwasher takes just 17 minutes including drying. This can only be accomplished by using commercial-grade technology and componentry.

The speed of the Professional dishwasher is achieved through a special arrangement of elements and a total rated load of 9 kW. Miele offers two glassware programmes in addition to the three standard programmes. High-quality glassware is gently washed at a temperature of 50°C. The final rinse in the 'Beer glasses' programme is carried out with cold water and without rinse aid, ensuring that the next beer retains its head. Furthermore, a 'Cold' programme is available for rinsing crockery to avoid smells, e.g. from fish, if a complete cycle is not required. Special DeLuxe inserts for the lower basket (such as for pizza dishes with a diameter of 32 cm or tall beer glasses) ensure perfect dishwashing results even with large pieces of crockery.

The G 8051i dishwasher fits into any 60 cm niche and, with an appropriate furniture front or a stainless-steel decor panel and adjustable plinth return, blends in perfectly with existing kitchen cabinetry. Behind its stainless-steel fascia lie fully electronic controls. The current operating status is immediately visible in a display and by means of an LED indicator. The final rinse temperature can be changed from 65°C to 85°C, making for high standards of hygiene and perfect drying results. Programme start can be selected up to 24 hours in advance.

Various safety features ensure smooth operation. In addition to the Waterproof system which offers protection against water damage, a sensor in the inner cabinet monitors rotation of the middle spray arm. An LED informs the user, for example if the spray arm is blocked by large plates, ensuring consistently good cleaning results. The child safety lock in the door can be activated to protect against unintentional or unauthorised access.

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