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Tasteless fish and wilting lettuce are things of the past, provided you have a Miele fridge with PerfectFresh. Ideal for fans of fresh vegetables and fine cheeses, the chilled food compartment cannot be big enough. The new fridge-freezer combination KFN 8700 SE ed fulfils this wish: the fridge section consists exclusively of a chilled food compartment with a capacity of 117 l. The freezer compartment has a capacity of 119 l. This means that this appliance is suitable for use on its own or as a side-by-side combination with a fridge, for example the K 8952 SD ed with almost 400 l useable capacity. At a height of 184 cm and a width of 60 cm, the new appliances are appealing, not only with their perfect technology, but also with their elegant stainless steel design

There is another feature behind the double doors of the KFN 8700 SE PerfectFresh / freezer combination: An ice-cube maker is integrated in the freezer compartment which can provide a supply of up to 2.5 kg of ice, approx. 270 ice cubes. If no ice is needed from time to time, the appropriate compartment can be used as additional freezer space. The Miele models with an ice-cube maker are amongst the few CFC- and FC-free appliances of their kind on the market. The decision to forego the use of these refrigerants with a high ozone-depleting potential was taken to protect the environment.

In the PerfectFresh compartment, delicate foodstuffs stay fresh for up to three times as long as in the environment of the main compartment on a standard refrigerator. Here, a temperature slightly above 0°C combined with the correct relative humidity ensures that vegetables, fruit or cheese can be stored longer and, at the same time, still be tasty. A dry microclimate provides a relative humidity of up to 45% - ideal for foodstuffs containing protein such as meat and dairy products. A second drawer with up to 90% humidity is best suited to fresh produce likely to wilt such as fruit and vegetables. The humidity in the second drawer is adjustable so that it can also be used as a second, dry storage area.

The 4-star freezer compartment with a 119 l capacity offers ample storage space. The integrated NoFrost-System makes manual defrosting a thing of the past and the Superfrost function enables fast bulk freezing. The three drawer fronts are transparent and provided with a frozen food marker system with freezer calendar.

Combined with the K 8952 SD ed refrigerator, this gives a 121 cm wide storage unit with ample space, even for the needs of a large family. The refrigerator has a capacity of 398 l with convenient inner design. Automatic defost and dynamic cooling, named DynaCool, provide user convenience, allowing perishable food to be stored at any level in the refrigerator. In this system, a fan ensures that air in the cabinet is kept in circulation, preventing temperature layering. As a result, the temperature on the base of the cabinet is the same as on higher rack levels. Another advantage of dynamic cooling is the fact that newly introduced food reaches the selected storage temperature twice as quickly as in conventional appliances.

A horizontal lever handle is part of the new look on Miele appliances. A strong vacuum in the freezer compartment on large appliances like this one can make opening the door difficult, the new Miele handle makes it considerably easier.

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