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The United States Consumer Reports organisation has seemingly pretty much slammed the double drawer dishwashers or, dish drawers in a recent test. They tested the Kenmore and Fisher & Paykel Dishdrawers and the results, much as we did in our review, were not that great for the money that these dishwashers cost.

Tester Bob Markovich said that, "These dishwashers are pricey. Both retail for $1,000 or more".

Tests of three Kenmore double-drawer dishwashers found problems. Sometimes there was standing water left in the bottom of the dishwasher and, when the washer did run properly, it didn't clean very well.

"There were visible food particles left on the cups and plates. Some of the dishes felt gritty to the touch," said Markovich .

We found the same with the Fisher & Paykel when it was on test.

The Fisher & Paykel dishwasher did an excellent job cleaning, but it's noisy. And among dishwashers, Fisher & Paykel has had reliability problems. A survey shows 25 percent of its dishwashers purchased over the past few years needed repairs.

Testers found the double-drawer dishwashers had another flaw as well in another area. Large plates don't fit in the Kenmore. Most conventional dishwashers can easily hold plates over 12 inches, but double-drawer washers have difficulty.

The testers said that they found an "old-fashioned" dishwasher does an excellent job cleaning. They recommended a traditional dishwasher.

What is interesting however is that Kenmore is a brand name for Sears in the US that appear to source it's appliances almost exclusively through Whirlpool, who also have a double dish drawer that is, unsurprisingly, a Fisher & Paykel in a dress as Whirlpool have a deal with Fisher & Paykel. In short, they are pretty much really one and the same machine in reality. 

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