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Fisher & Paykel has issued a recall on selected models from its Dishdrawer dishwasher range, due to the potential for the products to cause a mild electric shock in New Zealand.

Fisher Paykel recall Dishdrawer dishwashers in New Zealand

According to a notice issued on the ACCC website, the recall affects single and double drawer dishwashers with model numbers DS603 and DD603, and serial numbers starting with the letters B, C, D, E, L, M, R, or U. The products were sold nationally between 1 August 2000 and 31 December 2007.

“In rare circumstances, foreign matter such as broken glass or crockery may create an internal water leak,” the recall notice read. “This has the potential to conduct a very low electric current to any water remaining in the dishwasher. The consumer may experience a mild electric shock from water remaining in the machine.”

While the recall noted that a mild electric shock was the “maximum potential hazard” that users may experience, consumers are still being directed to Fisher & Paykel to resolve the issue.

“Consumers should contact Fisher & Paykel register the model number, the serial number and their contact details. If it is the model and serial number affected by this potential problem, Fisher & Paykel will offer the consumer the opportunity to have the problem resolved at no cost.”

“The consumer can continue to use the dishwasher safely in the meantime. If a water leak occurs, an ‘F2’ fault will appear in the display or the machine will beep continuously. The dishwasher should then be switched off at the powerpoint and Fisher & Paykel Appliances should be notified.”

We do not know at this time if any UK dishwasher models are affected.

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