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Hoover have shown their latest creation off at IFA this week, a new washing machine known as TED that can detect what laundry you put into the washing machine.

Hoover come up with a new washing machine that detects the type of laundry you're washingTED stands for Textile Expert Detector, it’s not a reference to a cute bear for kids. Just so we’re clear.

The idea is that the machine will have a device kind of like an iPhone but a bit bulkier attached to it magnetically that can come off (obviously) and be used to read the fabric type that you are washing. The machine will then adjust the recommendation on the program to use accordingly.

It’s still a prototype but Hoover say that it should be available to buy some time next year, cost is currently unknown.

Whether the idea will catch on or not we’re not too sure. We remain unconvinced that people will spend the extra time scanning each item of laundry they want to wash or indeed splash the cash for the feature.

Some collected images for you below.

Hoover TED washing machine intro

Hoover TED washing machine

Hoover TED washing machine control panel

Hoover TED remote handset

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