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It's official BT Free Flight Offer hits trouble. The offer started back in May, by misjudgement or bad luck the same time as the BBC documentary went out. Simularities being drawn from both offers." Hoover Flight Fiasco, how's that for timing, part of the Trouble at The Top series produced by Angela Chan.

BT say's Hundreds of customers have been left waiting for their Free Flight tickets. BT admitted Friday that hundreds of applicants had encountered difficulties.

There is a similar offer through Sainsbury's & E & J Gallio wine & Free flight offer whilst the lead in price is much lower in the Sainsbury offer.

This may lead to problems as the takeup may be much larger. The two promotions will account for some very large numbers.

The Travel agent is Rise Travel from Manchester. The ASA has admitted to complaints on both offers.

The ISP had also admitted to watching the situation.

Its ten years from the Hoover flight fiasco.

Harry Cichy say's company's seem to be lured into these promotions.

" The numbers seem to be to great to resist. Cichy also says consumers had much more " Savy" & power with the onset of the internet. He had been contacted by a number of applicants with concerns that their flights had not arrived, or that they had difficulties getting hold of Rise Travel. Hoover & Maytag Hoover owners at the time of the Hoover offer seem unable to distance themselves from the never ending saga of Free Flights. The problems seem to start by the sheer weight of number that may have applied for these type of promotions. The companys & their agents seem unprepared until things start going wrong. There is no doub't that questions may asked at boardroom level at both BT & Sainsbury as both these promotions may be very costly to get out of. Consumers should be aware nothing is really Free. However these large companys should take account that the great British consumer can be very persistant. Take note Hoover did not, to their cost, for in the end it cost Hoover the Company itself.

BT hits Hoover Free Flight Trouble.

Ten years on from Hoover.

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