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Yes a Chinese company has made knock offs of Dyson's iconic stick cleaners have emerged and are proving to be a big hit in some regions, we've seen them for sale in the UK now at a fraction of Dyson's prices.

Spot the difference between this and a real Dyson:


We can imagine that Dyson ain't at all happy about this as it's a clear knock off of Dyson's design and we'd be very surprised if some sort of action wasn't on the cards over this by Dyson, probably in a court. We'll just grab some popcorn, sit back and watch the show!

Problem is, one guy in Korea when asked about being worried about maintenance simply said: "I don't care about the maintenance issue. As it is so cheap, I will buy another one if breaks." That's quite scary as we suspect he won't be alone and it's pretty much dead cert that there will be little or no support for these products to be found.

Sadly, that's a common attitude with many of the cheap products we see these days.

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