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LG Electronics' SolarDOM is gaining international renown for both performance and design. In a cooking performance test designed and conducted by LGA QuailTest GmbH, a renowned German product certification institute, SolarDOM received the "Good" rating "“ on par with a conventional oven. In the same trial, every conventional microwave oven tested fell below the SolarDOM standard.

The evaluation was based on number of factors, including preheating, deviation and variation of hot air, baking, roasting and grilling. SolarDOM achieved the highest performance marks among all ovens and microwave ovens tested in three different categories including Baking, Roasting and Grilling.

LG's breakthrough pioneering technological leadership made this high cooking quality possible. This technology for the first time offers the speed of a conventional microwave with the rich taste of a conventional oven. The compact light oven uses a Mega Heater System, which utilizes light waves created by a combination of different type of heaters "“ Halogen, Sheath and Ceramic.

The fusion of heaters and different heating depth ensures that food is cooked evenly. In addition, heat is circulated more efficiently with the help of the round cavity and the light reflector, which concentrates light waves on the food. The result of this combination is speedy, high-quality cooking "“ SolarDOM is four times faster than a conventional oven and can be heated up to 320 C (608) F in only five minutes, which means there is little need for preheating.

SolarDOM outsmarts conventional cooking appliances in terms of design as well; and acknowledgment confirmed by the iF Design Award, one of the world's most pre-eminent design achievements. This is no small feat considering that the award competition annually attracts over 1,800 entries from 30 countries.

SolarDOM saves kitchen spaces while emphasizing ease of operation. The convenient user interface design, called the Smart Guide Display, Showcases function icons on a color LCD panel, informing users of cooking status as well as providing step-by-step instructors for use. It also comes with built-in style to meet kitchen d©cor as per consumer's request. Finally, the round cavity of the SolarDOM makes it space saving and easy to clean.

C K Cho, General Manager, LG Electronics, Saudi Arabia, said, "The LG Light Oven uses a new cooking technology which has been developed by LG Electronics. LG's innovative cooking system delivers energy directly to the food resulting in cooking times that are four times faster than conventional ovens. The Mega Heater System in the Light Oven uses three types of heaters, halogen (light) heater, ceramic heater and sheath heater. Each heater has different levels of strength and heating times. As food is cooked at a high temperature for a shorter time moisture is kept in the food and doesn't dry out." He added, "SolarDOM represents LG's commitment to taking cooking appliances to the next level for high-end users. This is a next generation cooking appliance and it will replace both the conventional oven and the microwave, he added.


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