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We’re confused over LG’s strategy with this technology stuff on their latest fridge freezers and we will try to explain why that was so.

Yet another LG smart fridgeYou see we see one press release telling us that they’ve gone all Windows 10 and put a full version of the Microsoft OS onto their later line of connected fridge freezer and then we get hit with one saying that they’re going to put Amazon’s Alexa on it.

Oh and they’ve done a Samsung and made the screen see-through as well. If you cared.

“We cannot say that the time is ripe for the smart home market. But the sector has been led by South Korean firms, as they are capable of adopting this idea to a wide range of electronics devices,” said Na Joo-young, LG‘s spokeswoman during a pre-booth tour on the eve of IFA trade show in Berlin.

The Windows 10 LG one is called the LG Smart Instaview Signature Family Hub (yeah, we know it’s a rubbish title), to one-up Samsung with their Family hub thing.

Here's a demo of what it does, listen to the guy ask if the labels go onto the food, classic...

In a bid to outgun Samsung, the LG one you can knock on the screen and it goes all see-through. Cute for sure but hardly a killer feature as after all, you could open the door!

LG connected fridge freezer

But with the full fat Windows 10 you’ve got access to pretty much anything available on that platform, including Cortana, MS’s virtual voice driven assistant.

Imagine our surprise then when a few hours later we get a report form the Korea Times that LG are going to start offering Alexa, Amazon’s digital voice driven assistant, in select fridge freezers. And, more to the point, why?

"We will seek cooperation with diverse partners to provide differentiated smart home products," said Cho Sung-jin, president of LG Electronics' Home Appliance and Air Solution Business Division.

The grand plan would seem to be that you buy a whole bunch of LG stuff that all links into what LG call their SmartThinQ hub and that talks to Amazon. Don’t ask us why, we’ve no idea and the strategies around connected appliances shift faster than that the weather here is Scotland. Often we think they’re all just floundering about hoping to hit a winner.

Would we recommend people dropped over three grand on one… HELL NO!

LG make parts obsolete pretty early, we’ve seen us giving people a death sentence for their LG fridges at about eight years old. Just imagine how hacked off you’d be if you found your £3K plus fridge was a junker after that short a life.

Our advice, avoid. Although the dude in the video below seems to be excited about it.

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