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We picked up on this one from the USA and before anyone asks us, we’ve no clue if we’ll ever see it here in Blighty but knowing LG it will no doubt find its way here eventually.

LG Styler steam drying cabinet thingAnd what pray tell is a “Styler” you might ask. Good question and the same one we asked when we saw it being touted the other day.

The official party line is that the Styler is a gadget that allows you to refresh your clothes by removing odours and creases.

Not much of an explanation eh?

Especially not much of an explanation when the LG Styler is being punted at $2,999 in the land of the free which equates to (with out currently weak to the point of sick Pound) about £2300. But apparently it’s already dropped to $1999, bargain eh?

The contraption is supposed to remove odours and creases by spraying soft steam onto your clothes, which are hung onto a hanger that slides from right to left for 220 times per minute.

Whump, whump, whump going on 220 times a minute doesn’t strike us as a lot of fun but heh, some people will swallow the marketing pitch no doubt and pony up silly money for what is, in effect, a drying cabinet with a few bells on.

Oh and you can get a commercial grade drying cabinet for, mhm, less than half that cost!

Apparently LG says you can also use it’s Styler to sanitise toys and blankets as well.

And there’s another thing we have a problem with, LG says it sanitises, how? No explanation given and steam will sanitise but, it’ll destroy your clothes if it’s hot enough to do that.

Then there’s the final big whoop, it’s connected! Yeah ‘cause that’s what the world truly needs, internet connectivity for a glorified drying cabinet but, it seems LG couldn’t even get that pointless feature right either. It’s Android only so, if you happen to be one of the millions of iOS or whatever users… move along, nothing to see here.

But before you all think we’re on a downer and being all negative about this thing, which we kinda are of course, it’s not just us for a change!

CNET gave this thing a kicking in review.

The good stuff they had to say pretty much boils do to, it looks nice. End.

The bad, well where to we start. Or stop!

Lets just lift a quote from CNET and let you see for yourself.

“The premium LG Styler might appeal at-a-glance, but it's roughly comparable to steaming your clothes while the shower's running or de-wrinkling them in the dryer. The performance just doesn't match the price.”

Our advice also would be, overpriced gimmicky thing that really should be avoided if it ever reaches our shores.

Do yourself a favour if you need something like this in your life, just buy a drying cabinet, a dumb one.

Or just a trouser press.

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