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LG is to launch it’s upmarket and very pricey range of Signature appliances in the UK it has been confirmed and they should be available to buy sometime this month.

lgHere’s the deal, LG’s “Signature” range is the model that’s packed with the most technological gizmos and gadgets and in each category there’s only one product that gets the Signature monicker. Essentially it’s the top of the line.

For example they’ve got the LG Signature Washing Machine has two drums.

There’s standard front loading one and a separate pedestal mini washer tucked underneath, which lets you wash different loads on different settings at the same time but it also means that it’s a lot higher than a standard machine. It also has a glass door with touch controls embedded and angled at 17 degrees – so you can see it without stooping down says LG. The washing machine also sports an enamel coating to repel fingerprints or corrosion, and uses a push-to-open door in case you have your hands full.

The catch of course is the price as the LG Signature Washing Machine will cost you a whopping £2,599.99!

We can’t see those getting too popular at all.

LG Signature range

Then there’s the Signature Refrigerator.

This is the one with the InstaView Door-in-Door, which goes from reflective to transparent when tapped that we’ve seen hiked about trade shows for well over a year now.

LG reckon it’s an energy-saving thing as it lets you check the contents without letting the cold air out but our opinion is that really, it’s just a bit of a gadget, nobody really needs this.

There’s also an Auto Door Open feature, which does just that when you run your foot past a sensor just as you get on some cars these days, waggle your foot and the door pops open, just in case your too lazy to pull a door open or, you’ve got so much cash that such things are beneath you.

Deep breath now, Signature Refrigerator costs £6000.

We’d normally be giving a quip on whether or not it’s worth looking at buying these products but we’ve got a hunch that in this case we really needn’t bother. If you’ve got the money and are daft enough to pay that much for an LG, knock yourself out.

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