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Earlier today I got a note that Samsung had launched an "Air Wash" system to compliment their previous nano-technology, "Silver Nano", washing system that is now banned in some countries and this is the release to with that.

Basically the machine looks like the previous "Hauzen" machine that was in the news a short time ago, it's still red and, still ugly although it does look to be tamed down a little.

Samsung Air Wash System is a revolutionary washer that removes unpleasant smells, microscopic allergens, harmful bacteria and microbes through the washer's innovative hot air technology and physical strength. Detergent or other chemicals are no longer needed with this washing machine while its unique functions decrease the wear-and-tear from the washing or dry cleaning of clothes. The Air Wash function is ideal for delicate fabrics as well as cleaning cushions and pillows that can be breeding grounds for mites and ticks.

Samsung's cutting-edge Silver Nano technology is capable of 99.9% sterilization, allowing purification of extra delicate clothes that cannot be washed with hot water. Silver Nano eradicates bacteria and mould from inside the washer for a bacteria-free zone in the machine,. It also creates anti-bacterial protection in the laundry through an anti-bacteria coating during the final rinse cycle. Such technology is proven to inhibit the growth of germs for up to one month. The "Stop and Add "“ Pause" option allows you to stop the washer and throw in your laundry should you have forgotten an item earlier. In this function, a built-in sensor detects the water level and signals when it is safe to open the door. Also with this washing machine's new ergonomic door design, you no longer have to bend when loading or unloading your laundry.

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