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Samsung have lauinched a new washing machine incorporating "VRT" which stands for Vibration Reduction Technology which is claimed to reduce noise and vibration on the washing machine's spin cycle.

True to its commitment to stylish design, Samsung offers the VRT Washing Machine in an assortment of colors for the design-minded consumer. It is now available in Tango Red, Onyx Blue, Stratus Gray and Neat White. Stacked on top of one another or placed side-by-side on pedestals, the VRT washing machine and paired dryer can be easily integrated as an attractive focal point to any living environment.

"In tests involving unbalanced loads, Samsung's VRT machines proved to have both the lowest vibration and noise level of the front-loading washers tested," said Jeff Armstrong, Senior Marketing Manger of Home Appliance. "Many consumers are first-time front load washing machine purchasers and typically are unaware of the vibration and noise issues of conventional front-loading machines. Samsung has a compelling solution to this common annoyance for consumers and provides them with a stylish design to complement their homes."

While the washer reduces noise and vibration, it does not skimp on power with a 1,300 RPM maximum spin speed during final spin and achieving better than 2.3 MEF, which is designated by the Department of Energy as "Tier 3," the highest level of Energy Star.

VRT washers also feature Samsung's SilverCareג„¢ technology - a new option for cleaning delicate and colored fabrics. SilverCare removes odor causing bacteria in cold water without bleach. It helps keep garments looking their best by minimizing the fading and tattering effects of hot water, and can save energy when compared to standard hot water washing.

With an extra-large capacity of 3.8 cu. ft., the VRT Washing Machine can handle everything from a single pair of jeans to a king size comforter.

Samsung's VRT Washing Machine is currently available at an MSRP of $1,299 for the Neat White model and $1,399 for the colored models.

No UK availability has yet been announced.

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