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On last night's Watchdog Samsung were slammed for problems with their American styled side by side fridge freezer, the RS21. The show basically stating that customers can experience a noise and lack of cooling in the fridge due to an over frozen fridge evaporator. On top of this the model was shown to provide inaccurate temperature readings in the digital display panel.

Samsung did give a response that offers their customers a free repair if required.

Consultant engineer Malcolm Robbins who was featured on the show said that, "This fridge has a fundamental design fault because water which drains from the evaporator coil during defrost cannot escape. Ice forms on the coil, grows back to the fan, hits the fan blades and stops the fan running. After that the fridge won't work." Mr Robbins went on to say that he didn't think it was right that customers should have to pay for repairs and that the fridge was not 'fit for purpose'.

Watchdog contacted some fridge service engineers and seven out of the ten called were familiar with problems on this Samsung fridge.

Samsung did apologise in a statement to Watchdog to any of its customers who have experienced this problem with an RS21 fridge-freezer.

Samsung has now introduced an improved model of the RS21 and notified all Samsung certified service engineers of the improvement process and parts required.

Having reviewed the cases featured in Watchdog and its service policy with regard to the RS21, Samsung will now provide an extended five-year warranty from date of purchase in respect of this fault. This will entitle any customer experiencing this fault to receive a free service engineer's visit and repair. This extended warranty is now in effect.

Samsung would ask any customers who have this problem with their RS21 to call freephone on 0800 988 0123, to arrange for it to be repaired under this extended warranty. Samsung would like to reassure all customers of its commitment to quality customer service and would ask anyone with questions to call the number above.

The full story from Watchdog can be seen from this link 

Roin Baker
Samsung RF23HTEDBSR American Fridge Freezer
23HTEDBSR American Fridge Freezer purchased from Curry's 6th August 2017 has the same problem loud noise started after it was 14 months old... new evaporator back panel replaced by approver Samsung engineers..3 months after noise is back. After speaking to Currys their parrot kept saying repeatedly Samsung have to condemn the fridge to refund Sir. No No was my reply was... you and Samsung may have an agreement which has nothing to me, you Curry's sold me the fridge and it's you and I that formed a lawful consumer contract.
Letter Before Action recorded delivery sent to Curry's and finance company (equal liability) as I will not expect another repair... on the grounds of... the fridge is not of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and I've no confidence with the fridge now.
As a reasonable person paying £1769 ish..... I would expect longer than 14 months usage

Phil Sandell
Samsung fridge icing up - needs defrosting - SOLUTION
We have a RSH5.... which is approximately 8 years old. The fridge has been freezing up for the past 5 years or so but Samsung would not take any responsibility. You can see videos on youtube showing how to defrost it with a hairdryer, steamer or warm water. BUT , there is an engineers test mode which allows force the appliance into self defrost mode (activate it by holding down the the FAST FREEZE & FRIDGE buttons). When it starts beeping, release the buttons. Then you cycle through FF (Forced Freeze), RD (refridgerator defost), FD (freezer defrost) by pressing the FREEZER button. When finished, switch off / on at the wall.
Phil Rowbotham
Samsung RS21 model
My RS21 FCNS was just out of warrantee, broke down and was been repaired before by Samsung\'s main Gt Manchester repairers E.R.S. Refrigeration Ltd. who charged me £93.60 call out, total last repair cost £241.20. It just lasted 6 months [parts just out of warrantee now]. I rang Samsung today again as this model has a known design fault but they just insisted that I contacted ERS to repair it again, all at my cost.
Decided it\'s cheaper to scrap it and buy a Neff or Bosch, both decently designed reliable American fridge-freezers.
I won\'t buy any Samsung products EVER AGAIN!

Robert Carling
Samsung american fridge freezer RSH1
I bought a fridge freezer 6 years ago it started to freeze up after about 4 years the fridge started to freeze up, after many repairs and letters to Samsung they did just not want anything to do with it, last repair cost £160 and is not fixed this model has a design fault which Samsung are not taking responsibility for. I will not buy Samsung ever again.
Bosch and Neff are the same company. You can read about that in the manufacturer section as Neff is in effect an own label brand for Bosch.

Bosch do not make side by side fridge freezers, the last we looked they were buying those in badged up from Daewoo who are little to no better than Samsung.

I have the same issue. My fan was hitting ice as the heating element had broke. I had a Samsung engineer out to fix it. Now my compressor has broken. After speaking to the manager there he said it's a known fault. He said the compressor is covered by a 10 year warranty but I have to pay for the call out charge and labour. Even though it's a known fault in my rsh1 fridge freezer Never buying Samsung again
Hi, Has anyone got anywhere with this problem yet?My fridge is a RSH1DBRS made after Oct 2009 with the following issues fridge not holding temperature, ice collecting at the back of the lower part of the fridge, noisy fan and water collecting in the tray.Samsung have said my SN number is after the extended 5 year warranty due to the know fault, so cannot provide any warranty support.Samsung have not been very helpful, apart from expecting me to pay for the repairs to a known fault that, they have not fixed yet!Has anyone else had similar issues with a Machine produced after June 2008? Thanks Darren
rosemarie menzies
We bought ASamsung Model REFUS RSAID in France on 16.3.2012.The bottom drawer of the freezer constantly ices up and we end up with pools of water on the kitchen floor.It is difficult to explain in French this problem without any techical knowledge.We have read reviews of this side by side model and it seems there are lots of problems. Any advice appreciated.
similar problem with RS1 DBMH model have paid for two new evaporator heaters to be fitted and the problem has just happened again -each repair lasts about 18 months. Has anyone had any luck with Samsung on this model
[quote name="Karen01"] I have the same problem with my fridge/freezer and only just managed to get ours replaced after samsung sent out a service agent agsrefrigeratio n who reported a fault with the insulation at the back of the cabinet had burnt away due to the position of the cabinet they wanted to do some sort of repair but the company put in a report and we were offered an exchange.

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