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Samsung has announced the release of a new 8-kilogram washing machine for Australia that washes without water it is claimed.

The new model features AirWash, which removes odours from clothes without the need for water or detergent. As far as we are aware it will not clean clothes as would be achieved in a normal washing machine.

The front loading washing machine is being marketed as particularly good for the environment. It has a 4.5-star WELS water rating and a 3.5-star energy rating. According to Samsung, this model can save up to 10 litres of water per wash compared to an average 4-star model.

The big selling point of this machine, however, is the AirWash feature.

"Not only does Samsung's AirWash system help conserve the environment, it also saves money by allowing you to clean your clothes with air instead of water, making trips to the dry cleaners a thing of the past," said a Samsung spokesperson.

"AirWash is suitable for all types of fabrics. Even non-washables such as woollen blankets, quilts, pillows, suits and other delicates are treatable with AirWash."

Other features of this machine include a diamond drum, adjustable spin speed, ceramic heating element, LED display, child lock, Digital Fuzzy Logic control and anti-foam control.

As yet there are little technical details on the machine and how it actually works although it is doubtful that the AirWash system will offer the same cleaning ability as a standard washing machine would. 

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