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Samsung, that company looking to dominate the galaxy with products from the company, has said its home appliance business targets more than 15 percent sales growth this year from a year earlier.


A company executive is said to have stated that this was largely helped by the company's increasing presence in the high-end product markets despite the ongoing global economic weakness.

Ehm, guess he got confused, Samsung are not high end appliances, but Shin Dong-hoon on to say that;

"We did well last year and although there are some lingering risks, such as global economic (uncertainties), higher raw material costs and foreign-exchange movements, we are well prepared to hedge against such troubles and see no problem meeting the 15% sales growth target this year," said the vice president of Samsung's home appliance unit.

Another Samsung executive said its home appliance unit accounts for around 8% of the company's total revenue, without providing further details.

There probably won't be any detail anytime soon.

You never know, there may be some cheap Samsung appliances very soon now as stressed out Samsung salespeople try to hit targets.

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