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Samsung have launched an oven that can be controlled by a mobile phone (or tablet we guess) app for some reason that we can't quite work out or can anyone we've asked but, they've done it anyway.

Samsung Zipel Oven

The Samsun Zipel Oven can be controlled by an Android app and comes with built in presets for 160 different dishes. Don't hold your breath for an iOS compatible version since Samsung and Apple are currently locked in patent disputes concerning mobile devices.

The Zipel oven is also being advertised as smart enough to detect how many calories are in the dish that you are cooking, features voice guidance and easy cleaning due to its ceramic coating. It also boasts the ability to help keep the costs of your electricity down.

The oven, model number MC368GAAW5A (easy right?) is currently only available in South Korea with no launch date outside of Samsung's home country as yet.

Somehow, we'd predirct it won't prove too popular and, probably rather expensive for what is a gimmick feature really.

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