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Oops. Samsung finds itself criticised over a recent launch event for washing machines and fridge freezers when scantily clad ladies appear onstage in South Africa at the event.

The Korean giant was already taking some criticism over the launch of its latest smartphone in New York, the Galaxy S4, when many attendees appear to have been left a bit confused over all the hoopla and show event put on to introduce the new phone using Broadway actors.

But a couple of days later Samsung went on to introduce a new range of washing machines and fridge freezers in South Africa with a similar staged performance which, to be fair, Samsung are known for, using girls dancing in, well, reduced clothing. Who knows, maybe it shrunk after being washed in Samsung's new washers but it drew comment on the way in which Samsung portrayed women with the underlying tone being that Samsung are sexist from Girls Guides.

After that the internet made sure that the story went worldwide.

The moral of the story is; just launch the product without all the glitz and, Samsung, pass totally on the dancing boys and girls. It can look a bit crass.

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