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Samsung Electronics has hit LG with a $45 million lawsuit in Korea, claiming that its brand reputation has been damaged by one of LG's advertising campaigns.

Samsung claims that LG has damaged its brand value through spiteful advertising, launching a 50 billion won (US$45.2m, £29.78m) suit.] that has been filed with the Seoul District Court on Friday. Court records show that Samsung Electronics claimed that LG Electronics "tarnished its corporate image" by distributing advertisements that misconstrued facts as part of its advertising strategy.

This latest spat between the two rivals (there's been many!) began when Samsung posted a YouTube video titled "Inconvenient truth about refrigerator capacity" which compared the size of its refrigerators with those made by LG.

LG Electronics, displeased at accusations from Samsung about how much its fridges could store, then hit back by filing a 10 billion won lawsuit against Samsung and running its own online advertisements in a response. Now Samsung is ejecting its teddies from the pram and wants revenge.

This is by far not the  first dispute between the two Korean companies, which have been embroiled in several legal disputes over various things, including OLED technology among many other things with claims of corporate espionage also having been made.

Thing is though, do customers even care?

We expect not as people that want to buy just see the fridge freezers in store side by side and make up their minds which will probably suite them best. Making this most probably a completely pointless argument to be having and, by extension, a pointless legal action.

On the other hand, maybe potential customers for both will look at this and simply think that these companies are both stupid and perhaps they'd be better off buying products from a company that chooses not to behave like a child in a playground spat.

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