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Although this was revealed a few days ago we thought we’d wait to see how the internet reacted to the insane (not in a good way) new fridge freezer from Samsung with a huge screen in the door.


See below for the reason why we waited.

Samsung's new family hub fridge freezer with huge touchscreenBehold the new "Family Hub" fridge freezer from Samsung. 

The four door US style fridge freezer model is equipped with a 21.5-inch, 1080p monitor and cameras inside so that you can watch your food go bad in real time. Whereas arch nemesis LG simply shoved a bit of glass there, which seems a far more reliable idea, if still a bit the wrong side of crazy.

And, you can check the contents remotely via a smartphone app to see what's in there while you're shopping, in case you forgot what you went shopping for.

The fridge will let you know when you need to buy certain foods, tell you if they're on sale and even let you order them, at least in Korea it might but, not in the USA and almost certainly not in the UK. 

The screen, of course, displays web pages, recipes and more. 

You can manage your family's food consumption through the smartphone app and leave notes and messages on the screen, while a pair of door-mounted speakers will pump out your tunes.

Finally, the whole thing functions as a hub to control connected objects from SmartThings and other companies. 

Samsung hasn't told anyone when it's coming or for how much, but it'll no doubt launch in Korea well before it ever comes to the UK or anywhere else. Expect it to cost at least £3000 or more though.

If or why anyone would stump that amount of cash up for a lowly Samsung, albeit a tarted up one, is anyone’s guess.

We think Samsung have kinda missed the point about a fridge freezer. It’s a big box. It keeps food fresh by cooling or freezing the food and drink you put inside it. Maybe makes ice and cools water. That’s it.

It doesn’t need to do all this and have all these expensive add on bits and, given the reliability we see in the forums for Samsung, difficulty in getting spare parts and the dropping of services from other “smart” devices like their TVs as noted by Which?, we can’t think that investing that amount of cash into this is a particularly good idea.

The internet seems to largely agree with our point of view according to the few samples below. Samsung have lost the plot.

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