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"Samsung plans to launch its robot vacuum cleaner in Europe early next year. And for the first time ever for a cleaner you'll be able to control it over the web.

The Crubo (VC-RP30W) is equipped with 'cruise missile mapping technology',which enbables it to draw a 3-D map of the environment to identify its relative location, enabling faster and more efficient cleaning of a defined area.

Rather than navigating randomly until it faces an obstacle, the Samsung robot cleaner knows which area to be cleaned. The user can also program in the working time and cleaning options in advance, so that the robot cleans the area automatically when the user is away"...

The Crubo can also be remotely controlled using a computer with an Internet connection. When controlling the cleaner over the Web, the user can monitor its working environment thanks to the robot's built-in camera.

The Crubo's built-in rechargeable battery provides sufficient power to operate for 50 minutes. As the battery is about to run out, the cleaner automatically docks itself to its charger.

The robot cleaner is also intelligent enough to clean a multi-room house, negotiate door thresholds and other low-height obstacles, although it cannot tackle stairs. As it operates, the Crubo releases Negative ions to purify the air.

The robot cleaner goes on sale in Korea this month, costing 3,000 (U.S. dollars). It will be launched in Europe in March 2004, although, as yet, there are no details on a specific UK launch date.

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