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We know a lot of readers won’t know who Dacor are but all you need to know is that it’s a well know upmarket US brand that’s pretty well known across the pond and, Samsung are buying the business.

Samsung to buy DacorOf course we know about Dacor, we just haven't mentioned the brand as it has never been sold in Europe, at least officially it hasn't been.

It is a bit of a weird one this as both Samsung and LG from Korea don’t really do the whole buying up brands then selling their own products rebadged like most manufacturers who have own label brands in effect but it seems that may be set to change if this is any indication.

The Wall Street Journal and others seem to think that this is Samsung’s attempt at growth deal-making, in this instance by snapping up Dacor for an undisclosed sum.

Samsung said in a statement that it would make closely held Dacor, who are based in California a wholly owned unit of its U.S. subsidiary Samsung Electronics America Inc.

Dacor that was founded in 1965 makes high end cooking products such as rage type cookers and so forth, wall ovens as they call them in the US, built in ovens to us, microwaves and wine fridges. All the products are said to be made in the USA.

What the WSJ did get completely right here is that Dacor is (or was) one of the last remaining independent appliance makers, making it a target for all the major global appliance makers, who participated in an auction for the company, said Lloyd Greif, the investment banker who managed the sale for Dacor.

Mr. Greif aso reckons that Samsung is a good fit for Dacor, as its strength in refrigerators and dishwashers complements Dacor’s relatively stronger product lineup in cooking appliances. He also went on to say that Dacor, which currently sells its products in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, could also be a brand that Samsung will want to try to sell to consumers abroad so, we could see the brand being sold in Europe in the future.

Samsung said in its statement that it wouldn’t make any changes to Dacor’s branding, operations or manufacturing, echoing a hands-off approach that Samsung has taken with its other recent purchases. That sounds very un-Korean to us but we'll see.

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