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Samsung has told Yonhap News today that it will showcase a new smart washing machine at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin early next month.

Samsung come up with a new modelNow we are no lovers of the marketing tripe we see and neither are we fans of adding “stuff” for the sake of adding it and Samsung take the latter to a new level here with this new machine.

Reports go that this new "AddWash" washing machine allows users to put extra items of laundry into the machine after a wash cycle is started through a small door or window on the upper part of the main door. The benefit of which we have doubts about.

In addition, the new machine enables users to deodorise their clothes with heated air say Samsung, using a technology called "Air Wash." Now as much as many might think this is something new, it isn’t. We reported on a Samsung machine with this functionality way back in 2007 so, hardly a new thing.

Then Samsung adds yet another technology called "ecobubble," the machine provides gentler fabric care and outstanding wash results even in cold water says Samsung. Although reports form people that have bought Ecobubble machines tends to differ somewhat from what Samsung will say.

The new machine also features an array of smart functions, allowing users to monitor the progress of the laundry and offer options to solve problems, just like any other machine pretty much.

Seo Byung-sam, vice president of Samsung's consumer electronics business division, said the company continues to roll out innovative products that better appeal to consumers.

Innovation, FYI, is coming up with something new. There’s nothing new here.

Doors that can open on wash to put stuff in after the machine has started have been about for years if not decades. The Ecobubble thing well we guess that’s fairly new but, reports from actual users say it doesn’t work. And air wash, been about for about a decade.

Where’s the innovation?

The only innovation we can see is a new way to sell old ideas.

Innovation... we don't think so

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