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It seems Samsung just an’t seem to catch a break with appliances going into meltdown, on fire or now self-destructing after a new lawsuit has been filed in the US over “exploding” washing machine models.

Samsung washing machines explodeOf course they’re not exploding but, to the untrained eye it might certainly appear that way from what we’ve seen. What’s happening but eh look of it is that the suspension is failing and the machine is literally shaking itself to pieces.

Not good news in a week that has seen the Korean giant have to recall it’s newest flagship phone model be recalled for err, exploding or catching fire.

Add this to the ongoing debacle in Australia with washing machines going on fire and it would not paint a pretty picture for Samsung at all.

However in this latest twist three women have apparently filed a class action suit against Samsung alleging that it manufactures and distributes washing machines that are defective in nature and explode during normal use.

The US Legal Newsline reports that Suzann Moore, Michelle Soto Fielder and Melissa Thaxton filed a complaint on behalf of a class of all persons similarly situated on Aug. 12 in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey against Samsung Electronics America Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. LTD citing breach of implied warranty, negligence and other counts.

The allegations are that they suffered damages from purchasing a washing machine that exploded while being used.

The suit states that the models in question all have motors that spin at 1,100 revolutions per minute and have defective assembly dampers. Because the dampers are allegedly defective, the tub becomes unfastened during a spin cycle, causing the “explosion”.

The plaintiffs hold Samsung responsible because the defendants allegedly continued to sell defective washing machines despite having knowledge of the defective nature and it will be interesting to see how that is proved.

The plaintiffs are seeking a trial and damages as well as for Samsung to declare that the washing machines are defective, enjoin the defendant, restitution, all legal fees and interest along with any other relief as the court deems just.


We’re guessing that some people at Samsung may be in fear of losing their job over all these disasters that have beset the Korean manufacturer as to potential buyers, this does not look good at all.

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