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Samsung really isn’t having a fun time at the moment at all after being rocked by the whole Galaxy Note 7 debacle, exploding washing machines and ones that go on fire along with historic exploding fridges they are now accused that they knew about the problem washers, for three years!

Legal Newsline in the States has reported that three Samsung washing machine owners have launched a class action lawsuit against Samsung after their washing machines “exploded”, what that really means is that the tub came loose and the thing self destructed, dramatically.

Story got that the dampers in the washing machines are defective, fail, washer goes nuts and smashes itself to bits.

In fairness depending on the severity of this it does have the potential to cause injury, perhaps even a serious one so it is a very real problem for Samsung.

The damage is appears to cause around where it happens is also a big problem so, this is gonna cost Samsung a fortune to sort out.

“If my wife or son were in the room when this happened, I have no doubt that they would be in the hospital or possibly even killed,” a plaintiff said in the complaint.

“I think the best way to get a sense for what is going on is to take a look at photos in the complaint," Jason Lichtman, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs, told Legal Newsline.

But in the complaint that’s been filed there’s this gem:

“This is a case about washing machines that explode. Defendants Samsung Electronics America Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (collectively, “Samsung”) have known that their washers blow themselves apart since at least Oct. 24, 2013, when one of their washers exploded in California, injuring a woman. Over the past three years, consumers report that at least 25 additional washers have exploded. These explosions are dangerous; they cause property damage and injury.”

Would that surprise us? Correct, not even slightly.

We see this sort of stuff all the time and we explore it in a recent article called Lower Appliance Safety and explain some of the “why” this sort of thing will happen.

But Samsung are obviously up against it here as, to date and so far as we know, they’ve not come up with a fix for this problem.

If it’s proved that Samsung knew about this issue for years and, it looks on the face of it that they did and after all that time they’ve not been able to come up with a fix for it… wow, they’re gonna have a very, very big bill to put this right.

Throw in the Note 7 problems and the cost there, then the Australian debacle (more below) and Samsung looks as if it’s being brought to its knees by poor quality products all over the place.

Washing Machine Fires

Meanwhile, down under in Australia Samsung is facing more challenges with a range of its top loading washing machines spontaneously combusting all over the place.

This is an ongoing one for Samsung that we’ve reported on several times and as usual the PR friendly lines like “The safety of our customers remains our number one priority” are being trotted out as they all do when stuff like this happens but the upshot is, they can’t find all the machines.

Same problem in Australia as we have here we think, many appliances are not registered so if or when there is a recall nobody can find any of them.

Samsung washing machine fire

The latest one that’s popped up involves a fire that has apparently gutted an elderly woman’s home in North Melbourne, Australia resulting in treatment for smoke inhalation and the devastation above.

So far these machines have been linked to 87 fires in Australia.

And, that’s a big problem for Samsung.

UK Problems

So far we are not aware of any pressing safety issues on Samsung washing machines or anything else that hasn’t been reported previously, like the fridge freezer issues.

The repair guys though, well they ain’t exactly keen on Samsung stuff as they think it’s a bit rubbish for the most part with some real quality issues. Of course that’s just anecdotal opinion but we have seen a few things that would seem to support this.

Of course it’s really hard to tell anyone much of anything as Samsung are incredibly guarded, some might even say secretive over spares and technical information. You’d perhaps even be drawn to think that they’ve got something to hide.

But given the spate of problem that Samsung are clearly having with product quality just now, for sure we wouldn’t buy one!

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