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Samsung are taking a beating, again, over their safety recall of washing machines in the US with reports surfacing now that the fix, well, it’s not really a fix after all...

To be honest about it we sat and watched this video from Today in the USA thinking it’d be the usual sensationalist stuff to fill the void but we were a bit shocked at what it revealed as being Samsung’s “fix” for these dodgy washing machines. Watch this, then read on.

So here’s what’s going on here as we see it.

Samsung have come up with some way to reinforce the tub mounts and secure the lid, all good and that should fix the problem as we are led to understand it.

Only thing is, that apparently hasn’t fixed it.

To tell owners that they have to use a delicate cycle to clean bedding which is supposed to be washed on a more vigorous program in order to clean it correctly is, bluntly put, laughable. It is a total joke as it means that the machine is no longer fit for the purpose it was bought and, Samsung have done that to themselves!

One word springs to mind, idiots.

To cap that they’ve even told people openly that they can’t use a normal cottons program to clean.. err, cottons or the machine could shake itself to pieces and potentially cause harm as some already have.

It is unbelievable, just staggering that Samsung have done this and that the authorities in the USA seem to have green lighted it as well. Seriously, we can’t believe they’ve gotten away with this as it would appear that the problem hasn’t ben solved at all, all Samsung’s done is try to make people not use the machine as intended to mitigate the problem.

We reckon whoever dreamt up this "solution" better start job hunting now.

That’s before we even get into the whole satellite repair guys carrying out the modifications as there’s not enough washing machine engineers or the refund stuff that seems to be a bit off as well.

As it’s the USA though and the legal system there allows for class action at a low cost, we reckon Samsung can expect to get a kicking in a court at some stage and, if this is all true, they probably deserve it.

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