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Seems Samsung just can’t keep themselves out of the news at the moment and they’re newsworthy for all the wrong reasons with the latest being that as expected, they’re being sued over the faulty washing machines.

Samsung gets sued over dodgy washing machine recallJust in case you’ve not been keeping up with events, Samsung has a whole raft of top loading washing machines in the United Sates and Canada that can shake themselves to pieces causing some serious damage with one owner getting a broken jaw so, ti’s pretty bad.

We reported yesterday that the so-called “fix” doesn’t look to us as if it really is one although of course, we don’t have all the details but on the face of it, it looks more of a bodge job than an actual remedy.

Unsurprisingly being as this is all happening Stateside, there’s a lawsuit seeking class action status being launched saying that the remedies Samsung are offering are not adequate. Again unsurprising when you look at what Samsung appears to have done.

This one however is over failed attempts to even get to the bodge job to “fix” the machines.

Consumer Affairs in the US reports that Jerry Wells says he has made numerous attempts to have his machine repaired, alleging that although he made three appointments, no service person ever showed up. Which is a problem all over the world, not enough service technicians basically as repairs have declined so when stuff goes sideways like this, it’s big problem labour wise.

As a result Samsung has offered owners the choice of a warranty extension and in-home repair, a rebate on a new machine, or a complete refund if the consumer had purchased the machine within 30 days of the date the recall was issued.

This was all agreed with the US authorities as well, so much for the myth that consumer protection is better in America!

Mr Wells chose the warranty extension and repair, but Samsung has failed to deliver.

His suit seeks to represent consumers who purchased one of the 34 recalled models between March 2011 and November 2016. He is asking for a court order that would require Samsung to replace parts or entire washers free of charge.

Interestingly it also asks the court to bar Samsung from continuing to manufacture the top-loading machines, saying they are a hazard to consumers' safety. We’d bet other manufacturers will be rubbing their hands with glee if that goes through!

Samsung has admitted that it has received nine reports of injuries resulting from flying parts, including a broken jaw and injured shoulder. Samsung acknowledges that it has received hundreds of reports of damage to the machine resulting from excessive vibration.

Therefore this lawsuit over simply not getting the job done is probably only the first of any number Samsung might end up fighting.

What strikes us in all this is the way Samsung has handled it all as, after all they just withdrew all the Note 7’s that exploded yet to all intents this is more or less the same sort of pickle they’re in here yet seem to be dragging their heels on it with half-baked solutions. Well, one we reported on yesterday doesn’t even look like a solution, it’s bodge job we’d expect to see from a dodgy repairer or something, not from a company of Samsung’s standing.

So here’s what we think has happened as, it’s been discussed at length here in the office…

The Note 7 thing, well it happened and Samsung got a kicking, have been made a laughing stock and took a big financial hit.

Next washing machines get reported as exploding (factually correct or not is irrelevant) and someone gets told to fix the problem. Fast.

Samsung washing machines slammed in ratingsThey get a budget to do that and are told to make this go away as Samsung doesn’t need anymore negative press in the wake of the Note 7 affair and the corruption thing going on.

Person duly goes off and works out how to meet the budget and timescale.

The result is a bodged up “fix” to attach the lid better and a sticker to tell people they can’t use the machine the way it was intended to be used. Oh with a warning on top just to underline that.

Top job Samsung, well done. (We contain our sarcasm well here)

If anyone wants a case study in how not to do a recall… we think you may have found it.

Meanwhile Samsung’s reputation is swirling the drain.

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