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No, we're really not kidding Samsung have come up with a bonkers fridge with an equally bonkers price tag!

Samsung thinks it can get £10,000 for a fridge!Reported in Korea to be offered with a 14 million Won price ticket that is £10,000 of your British pounds Samsung will give you in return… mhm, a side by side fridge freezer.

We really can't see many people going for it. If they do we'd suggest therapy.

So what in the name of all that's holy make this thing worth that sort of money?


Yes the same material your toilet is made from is being used on the inside to as the Korean press put it, be the optimistic material. We think they actually meant optimal but it's a bd translation, there again, optimistic might be right enough if they're talking about finding someone to buy into this insanity.

And no, it doesn't come with a chef, it's just the fridge.

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