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Samsung news and information on new products, company news and information and so on.

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Samsung is (as usual) making bold claims that, on the face of it, don't appear to stack up about its new Ecobubble range of washing machines. Claims being made include that these machines save 70% of energy on a cool wash and that the wash performance is as good as a 40˚C wash.

As usual though, there is no evidence whatsoever to back these claims up.

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The New York Times has published that bribes, prosecutors on the take, tax evasion and slush funds are common events at Samsung. It sounds like organized crime, but if we're to believe Kim Yong-chul, author of Think Samsung, all these terrible things happen at popular electronics company Samsung, all the time.

Trouble for Kim, a former top legal counsel with Samsung, is Samsung is not only the largest electronics company by revenue in the world, it's also one of the most"”in the words of the New York Times"”sacrosanct in South Korea. By all accounts, untouchable.

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Samsung said on Tuesday (again) it aims to become the world's largest maker of washing machines in three years, hoping its new power-efficient washers would help it lead the North American and European markets.

Samsung, which has rolled out 11 new front-loading washers for the domestic market, plans to chalk up 8 million units in sales globally this year, compared with about 6 million units last year.

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Engadget, The Wall Street Journal and others are reporting today that convicted white collar criminal, Lee Kun-hee, is to return to head up Samsung Electronics.

Mr Lee is the son of the founder of Samsung and was fined $109 million for tax evasion by Korean courts in 2008. A favorable decision when you consider that prosecutors sought a seven-year jail sentence and a fine of $347 million.

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The Sun reports today that appliance manufacturer Samsung is being forced to repair thousands of fridge freezers amid fears they may catch fire.

There is a fault in the defrosting systems of the American-style double-door models on top of a recall for a defrost problem that can lead to the fridge section of the fridge freezers not working correctly as reported by the BBC's Watchdog.

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A suspected gas leakage from washing machine assembly plant of Consumer Electronics multinational Samsung in Noida Phase-II has caused panic across the region. The gas leakage affected more than 60 workers who were later rushed to the hospital.

Condition of five workers, as per hospital sources, is critical while some are out of danger and being discharged.

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As we reported late last week Samsung has announced a "home visit repair programme" on two ranges of fridge freezers in Korea and Europe following the case of a domestic fridge explosion in West Bromwich in May and a recent case in Korea.

The repair programme involves the now-discontinued RS21 and RS60 range of domestic fridge freezers, manufactured between March 2005 and June 2006. However, sources say that other models could also be affected.

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Reports have emerged that Samsung Electronics has announced a plan to voluntarily recall 210,000 refrigerators from its Zipel line sold in Korea between March 2005 and June 2006.

The recall, which is the largest ever in the domestic appliance market, comes after a refrigerator reportedly exploded in a house in Gyeonggi Province earlier this month. Company officials say the cause was an electric leakage in a heater used to remove frost on refrigerant pipes.

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Not wanting to be outdone by it's rival LG, Samsung have also launched a robotic cleaner at this weeks IFA in Berlin, the Furot II. And no, we don't know what happened to the Furot I.

Samsung revealed its new robot vacuum cleaner and it may remind you of another robot vacuum cleaner, the Roomba because it does look to be yet another clone.

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Local newspaper, The Express & Star, has reported that a Samsung fridge has "exploded" at a family home in West Bromwich.

A fridge-freezer is said to have exploded "˜like an earthquake' smashing windows and doors and ripping holes in the ceiling.

A family-of-six was upstairs at the time of the dramatic early morning blast, but were all unhurt despite extensive damage to the property