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Candy has warned that certain combined dishwasher, oven and hob appliances in its Trio range may pose a fire risk.

In an official safety warning the company says: 'Although the risk is very small, we have become aware and are concerned that an extremely low probability exists of overheating of a wiring harness which could, in rare cases, result in fire'.

The Candy Trio, a dishwasher, oven and hob in one appliance The Candy Trio is a hob, oven and dishwasher in one.

The company says the fire risk is limited only to models produced between 2 May 2005 and 30 March 2008.

Candy is asking owners of Trio appliances to check their model serial number that can found on the inner top edge of the dishwasher door or on the back of the appliance against a list of affected models on its website which you can access from this link.

If your Candy Trio is one of the models listed you should not use it unattended until it has been inspected by a Candy service engineer.


michael jarvis
my trio dishwasher had a fire in the dishwasher door where the timer is located.model:trio 043 Serial:39346630-00260730
Dorothy Howard
Candy re-call of Trio model 9503 x UK
Please check if my cooker/washer is safe. Serial No. 33001034-1235-0033. Is it one that should be recalled.?

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