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After the story from the end of last week we have now also heard of Candy "Go" washing machines also "exploding". Unfortunately for Candy Hoover, this happened in a German test lab and then reports of such incidents started to come in from the field.

This failure was highlighted by a German television show after the failures in the field and authorities in Germany appear to be taking the risk to users very seriously.

The images that we have seen so far of this sort of failure are pretty damning for Candy Hoover however.

exploding candy washer machine presents danger to owners

damage caused by washing machine exploding

The damage witnessed is, to say the least, severe.

So far there are several theories as to why that this is happening with the most probably being that the drum and tank simply are not up to the job.

One retailer was quoted as stating, "We know about this already in April 2010. The first case happened then. It was an Candy Go 1482D that had exploded. When trying to find out how it happened on this machine we found that a girls bra wire had made several damages to the drum. We thus belived it was because of this damage.

Up to this date (12 August) we have had 14 more cases with this machine. In july we stopped selling the machine due to the many cases. I have checked the drum carefully in the unsold machines and you can even press down the drum slightly by hand. Think about what happens at spin with clothes in at 1400 rpm."

However a German prison has also reported an identical incident on a Hoover "Vision" model.

An investigation and risk analysis undertaken by the German regulator concluded that the risk of injury was so low a product recall was not required.

Candy have said that the incidents were a result of a drum production anomaly which was rectified in September 2009.

A Candy spokesman said: "˜Production changes were introduced almost a year ago and it is highly unlikely previous production drum models are still available. In any case the likelihood of customers experiencing this kind of failure on any previous model remains extremely unlikely'.

Candy has confirmed in a report by Which? that a small number of UK machines sold prior to September 2009 could be affected. It is thought that this problem is more likely to affect high-spin speed models, but Candy is unable to be specific about particular models at risk.

A spokesman said: "˜It relates more to a very rare and now historic drum production anomaly seen sporadically in a tiny fraction of drums in high-spin models. In the rare event a customer experiences any problem, they can contact our customer service team on 0844 499 5599.'

Mrs Emma Owen
My Hoover OPH614 (bought July 2009) exploded today and looks just the same. Luckily, no one was in the house at the time.

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