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The Sun has today reported, in its usual dramatic style, that a six year old boy was almost injured by one of the now famous exploding Candy Hoover washing machines that we reported on some time ago.

Exploding Candy washing machine

The Sun reports that Anna Ewers from South Wales said that ; "I was in the garden when I heard a loud boom and my son ran screaming from the house.

"I went in and my laundry looked as if someone had put a grenade in the washing machine.

"It was in tatters with the top completely blown off. The drum had come out of the top and blown the lid across the floor.

"Taylor had only just walked past it to get to the fridge. God knows what could have happened. It could have killed him."

The machine has been replaced with a new Hoover washing machine and compensation paid by Candy to Anna.

We have previously reported on these washing machines in this previous news articles. Which? have also campaigned to have something done by the manufacturer, Candy Hoover, about these washing machines and has worked with Trading Standards on the matter.

One member posting in our appliance trade forums however summed this up quite well with:

"Bigger drums,faster spin speeds and minimal content of materials like expensive stainless steel can only end in tears.

I really wouldnt be suprised if a young child is eventually seriously injured or killed by one of the many machines self destructing on spin these days."

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