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Smeg are expanding their retro range due to the extremely popular retro fridge and fridge freezer range, primarily the FAB28 fridge. New products include a 70cm wide fridge freezer, a new washing machine and dishwashers.

As usual with the FAB retro range there are a variety of colour options available and we managed to get some photos of the new machines as follows.

New A+ FAB40 fridge freezer from Smeg

shown above is the new 70cm wide fridge freezer, the FA40 which is available in either cream or silver (with a left or right hand hinge).

The lower refrigerator section has a fresh food capacity of 283 litres net and the freezer compartment situated above has a separate door and a 76 litre net capacity.

The FAB40 is frost free and is the first Smeg refrigerator to be introduced to the UK with an A+ energy rating.

The new retro dishwasher from Smeg

Nevt up is the dishwasher, the DF6FAB, is designed to complement the exisiting range of the Smeg FAB refrigerators, with its retro look 50's styling.

The DF6FAB is available in eight colours complete with an internal cutlery basket that co-ordinates with the external casing. It is a AAA rated appliance, with 14 place settings and a choice of 10 wash programmes.

The new retro washing machine, WMFAB16P from Smeg
Our apologies for the quality of the photograph but this was the first shot we saw of this washing machine that was grabbed from paper.

Finally and perhaps the most interesting addition is that of the retro washing machine. I haveto say I wondereed how you'd make a machine look reminiscent of a 1950's machine without looking like some old clunky Hoover or Hotpoint thing of yesteryear but Smeg seemed to have managed it. Okay, so putting a door on the front is perhaps cheating a bit, but it's still pretty smart if you like that sort of thing.

The machine is a A rated, has a 1600rpm spin and a 5Kg load capacity. It is electronically controlled of course and has fifteen program options. You can have one in pink, as shown, or cream.

Trouble is, if you buy the fridge, the washing machine and the dishwasher they all look the same which, for me at least, would detract massively from the uniqueness of the machine. When you see a FAB28 fridge in a kitchen it stands out and you can't help but look at it and I'm just not so sure you would acieve that same effect if there were several machines all the same style.

Oh well, at least it's not just another boring white box.

Re: Smeg Launch New Retro Machines
This fridge is style over substance - problems I''ve had are: rusted at the bottom of the side, 2 broken glass vegetable shelves, cracked shelf edging strip, 2 broken front shelf trims, cracked vegetable drawer, damaged seal. All fairly superficial and mainly easily replaced but the cost of spares is scandalous - the plastic vegetable drawer alone is over ?£50 and the bit of plastic that holds the glass shelf (just the front bit, mind) is around ?£25. I''m shocked at how fragile these pieces are and can''t imagine buying one of these fridges again.
Re: Smeg Launch New Retro Machines
I bought one of these retro fridges from SMEG as they look so cool.The problem is that the seals on the door are not very goodMore recently, the plastic mouldings in the door to hold the shelves have all sheared off!!Now we have a great looking fridge worth £1000 but cannot store any milk, juices etc (or anything) in the door.very disappointed with SMEG customer service who refused to acknowledge any kind of problem. Only said that plastic parts (most of fridge???) are not covered by warranty.WASTE OF MONEY - DO NOT BUY ONE

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