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Further to reports of an Indesit washing machine "blowing up" recently in Hatfield it would appear, from our sources in the industry, that this is due to a design flaw with this particular production sold in the UK under the Hotpoint and Indesit brand names.

As yet however, despite the obvious seriousness of the issue highlighted, no recall has been issued on these machines by The Indesit Company.

indesit washing machine destroyed by shaking itself apart UK Whitegoods was contacted by Indesit Company employed engineers as well as other sources with an internal technical bulletin that was marked as being confidential. However, in the interest of public safety we have been asked by those sources to reveal that there does appear to be a design issue with these washing machines and that a modification has been issued in the form of a stability bar. So far as we can ascertain the models affected have been produced in Radomsko, Poland.

From reading the technical bulletin it would appear that the washing machine quite literally shake themselves apart. The tub or weight sheers off and leads to the damage seen in the photgraph witnessed in Hatfield.

The technical bulletin (TB001314) from Indesit makes it very clear to Hotpoint Indesit engineers that the stability bar mentioned must be fitted on every single service call which would tend to indicate that this problem is fairly serious. Engineers are also advised to look for any signs of "splitting, cracking or signs of distortion along the seam of the sealed tub unit used in these machines. With those comments and the photos that we've seen so far we would imagine that the front section of the tank is splitting away leading to massive internal damage.

As you can see from the image below, taken from the Indesit technical bulletin, it is an identical configuration to the one in the photograph from the Hatfield incident above. The only difference being that the one above in pieces does not have the stability bar fitted.

indesit and hotpoint washing machine inner drum and tub

Although there has been no official recall some of the engineers are seemingly concerned that, not only can this happen again and that someone may get hurt, but that the stability bar will not actually solve the issue. There is however no evidence at this point in time to suggest that this would be the case.

From the information that we have the models affected by this issue are as follows:

Hotpoint Washing Machine


Indesit Washing Machine


The part number for the stability bracket is C00277220.

Obviously we would not advise buying any of these models until this issue is fully resolved. And, despite the absence of an official recall on these machines we would suggest that if you have one and notice any sort of excessive vibration that you report it immediately to Hotpoint Indesit's service department.

paul chapman
Last weekend our indesit IWD7145 was making a hell of a noise, at first i thought it was going to be the bearings which is a common washing machine problem. I used to work for Hotpoint about 20 years ago so i removed the top only to find that the bearings were intact. On further investigation from looking in the front door of the machine i realised that it appeared to be the inner drum coming completely loose from its support. We are going to contact Indesit about the problem.
Rob c
My hotpoint wf561p exploded this morning smashed into the work top dragged clothes through the drum ripping a massive hole in it. The motor was making a really bad sound afterwards so killed power. The bang when it went was like a bomb going off. The insides are smashed to pieces it's a total write off. Reall glad my wife was out with my two year old who's favourite pastime is putting his face on the glass door to watch the washing, it would have probably seriously injured him or worse. YouTube video of damage
vernon mutwale
my indesit WIXL143 blew up this morning and incidentally so did my sisiter inlaws only last weekend. I shall be on to them first thing Monday morning. I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn't been in the room at tyhe time to unplug the thing! I work in Product Compliance so i am familiar with product liability and general product safety laws that these guys cannot just ignore.
vernon mutwale
Hi, my indesit WIXL143UK washing machine blew up today this is a week after my sister inlaws did the same. Lucky or not i was in the room and switched it off straight away. Wonder what would have happenend if I'd notdone so? i shall be ringing them up first thing monday morning.
Kate Jones
On 03/10/2011 my hotpoint (model: WF561P) exploded causing substantial damage to my kitchen and other items. I am appalled to hear that Hotpoint already know about this problem and that people without warranty (which are most) have a ticking time bomb. I too, like the above post have had no joy with Hotpoint but I will continue with the battle. I have contacted Watchdog and can only hope that they will take up the story - these machines will kill someone!
Evelyn Clarke
I wish to advise that on Saturday 20th Aug. 2011 my Indesit W1XL123 washing machine blew up. The event tripped all the electrics and when I looked inside the machine I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a mangled mess and unrecognisable inside. My clothes were shredded, but what was more worrying was when I went on the above website and learned that Indesit/Hotpoint were aware of this problem and did nothing to bring it to the public's attention. I rang indesit and they could not care less. Something needs to be done about this situation before someone gets badly injured.

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