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Several forum users have picked up on what could be a potential fire risk in some models of Hotpoint Aquarius dishwashers made in 2006 and 2007 which may or may not be subject to a recall.

Please note that, other than the information contained in this article we are unable to offer any further assistance and that, if you own one of these dishwasher models from Hotpoint you will have to contact Hotpoint customer services for any further information.

Hotpoint dishwasher control module burnt outThe risk apparently lies in a PCB or electronic module fitted to the Aquarius range dishwashers with the model numbers FDW20, FDW60 and FDW65A and we are completely unaware if any further models are or could be affected.

This was brought to light most likely due to all the publicity surrounding currently surrounding the recall on Bosch made dishwashers, Beko fridge freezers and cookers among others. And, it would appear that our users are not the only ones that have noticed that these dishwashers can catch fire with numerous reports online of them going up in flames, such as can be found here:

The reports stretch back to 2011 at least that we can find although users have pointed out that they may stretch back further.

What level of risk is involved in this problem is unknown however reports would seem to suggest that the risk of serious damage is fairly high given the level of damage reported online.

Thus far we cannot find any official notification that this is indeed a recall as such on any of the normal outlets where one would be announced and, as yet, there has been no official comment offered from Hotpoint on the issue that we can find. However, it should be noted that no manufacturer has ever notified UK Whitegoods or the independent trade openly about a product recall other than through normal press channels or, when we happen to find out.

Why no official recall notification has been issued we cannot say just as we have no way to know just how many Hotpoint Aquarius dishwashers are affected by this issue.

We are led to believe that Which? have approached Indesit (the company that owns the Hotpoint brand) for comment but as yet we are not aware of any response.

Below is what looks to be an internal notification to owners of the affected models that a user posted in our forums over the weekend. To our knowledge this is being sent to registered owners of the dishwashers only, if the dishwasher was never registered or the details not updated due to moving home and so on it is unlikely that the owner would be aware.

Ref: Safety notice - Hotpoint FDW20/ FDW60/ FDW65A Dishwasher Repair Programme

As the leading white goods manufacturer, Hotpoint continually monitors the specification and performance of its products. Through this approach, we have identified that there is a low risk that modules fitted to a limited number of Hotpoint FDW20 / FDW60 / FDW65A dishwashers manufactured between June 2006 and March 2007 and sold in the United Kingdom may cause overheating and in rare cases a potential fire hazard. We have therefore decided to carry out a free of charge repair programme to replace the module in the dishwashers potentially affected.

We understand that you are the owner of a dishwasher that could be potentially affected and we are therefore writing to offer you a free of charge repair visit to replace the module in your dishwasher.

To establish if your dishwasher is affected, please check the appliance serial number to confirm if it was produced between June 2006 and March 2007. The appliance serial number is located on the right  hand side of the inside of the door with the first 5 digits between S/N 60601 and S/N 70331

Please contact us as at your convenience through our dedicated customer helpline 08448 910094 and email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a free of charge repair. We will arrange for one of our certified engineers to visit your property and fit a newly manufactured control module.

If you do own a Hotpoint Aquarius dishwasher we would strongly urge you to check that it is not included in the above models and date range and, if it is, then please contact Hotpoint for further assistance.

I have a Hotpoint dishwasher serial # ZZ838471B, the door on my dishwasher cannot close.Any ideas?
I have a fdw20 dishwasher when it comes to the drying cycle it trips rcd in consumer unit anyone had this problem
Christine Kyte
Code, mcc2013We do not have this machine any more
M. McLean
My dishwasher IS registered with Hotpoint, and it IS one affected by the safety notice. (FDW60 SERIAL 61221)however I HAVE NOT been contacted by Hotpoint, i just contacted them after seeing it in the newspaper today.And they knew about this for years it seems.
M. McLean
I got a package of Dishwasher, washer dryer,freezer and fridge all of which are registered with Hotpoint.What really concerns me is that my dishwasher is one that is affected by this safety notice ( FDW60 SERIAL 61221 ) And i have NOT BEEN CONTACTED by Hotpoint
We had 2 instances of Hotpoint FDW20 dishwashers catching fire in the control module in August/September 2011 in 2 of our premises. We reported this to Hotpoint and over the following 6 or so months, these were replaced by Indesit. Interesting that this issue has not been made public yet.

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