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For some weeks now we have been hearing rumours about a huge potential recall on Hotpoint tumble dryers but information has been very sketchy.

However it would appear that this has been more or less confirmed, even if it seems still not to be in the public domain by third party work providers requesting information on engineer capacity for a “product recall correction” without much more in writing as yet.

There has however been a few conversations the topic.

Please do keep in mind that this information may contain errors and might not be fully correct as, thus far, no comment has been made by Whirlpool who are the new owner of the Hotpoint brand.

The recall is suggested to affect around 1.6 million tumble dryer models in the UK believed to be mainly sold under the Hotpoint and Creda brands.

From what we can gather the remedial work takes around about an hour to carry out per product and involves a new backplate and the addition of a device to help clear fluff or lint from the rear of the drum. This would, in turn, suggest that these dryers could and we stress very strongly, could, be a potential fire risk.

The other issue that has been noted is that of poor rear bearings on these tumble dryers and this is also a possible reason. However, it would seem unlikely that such a massive recall would be initiated for only that.

Without confirmation from the manufacturer it is only possible to speculate at this stage as to the reasons behind such a recall.

One o the largest problems that will likely face Whirlpool is the sheer logistical challenge of such a mammoth recall as, simply put, they will almost certainly not have the staff to cope with such a large volume of work. No service organisation does as all operate at almost maximum capacity all of the time.

This may leave Whirlpool in a bit of a bind, being forced to enlist the services of service engineers outside of their own orbit as it were.

The irony of which is not lost on many repairers as, historically, Hotpoint or Indesit Company and now Whirlpool are some of the very people who deliberately withhold spares and technical information from independent repairers. The very people that they may well now need help from.

How many independents will carry out the work is unknown, that will largely likely be determined by the rates on offer. Perhaps also the ability to be able to access previously unavailable service software, technical information and spare parts may be offered as a sweetener to the deal, we doubt it but, we can live in hope.

Based on the current information though, we reckon that the cost of this recall, should it all turn out to be true of course and in the volumes being mooted, is possible to be somewhere around or above £64 million but, that would be if every product was reached and invariably recalls only get 10-20% so the cost could be substantially less.

Maybe Whirlpool is starting to wonder if buying Indesit was a good idea after all.

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Charlotte Jade Vanderahe
Whirlpool recalls
I am a student studying business level three in college. I\'m currently interested in third party contracting and have a relative that is working with whirlpool completing tumble dryer repairs.

I was hoping you had any further information on third parties involved with whirlpool repairs? There seems to be minimum information online, currently I am only aware of Maintenance directs work based mainly in the south of England and parts of wales.

Whirlpool are the only source of information on that and it would probably border on naive to think that they will share any info on that topic.

Some other contractors are carrying out the modifications but it is hard to say who and/or how much.

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