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Whirlpool appears to be coming under increasing pressure over carrying out the tumble dryer recall to try to prevent certain models produced between April 2004 and October 2015 under the Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda brands.

Hotpoint tumble dryer fires and recall newsSources have indicated that currently calls to owner’s homes are being booked into March and in one case, June of this year before the dryer can be modified. Which will disappoint some owners as we are in the season where tumble dryers would typically be expected to be used more frequently.

Whirlpool say that the affected tumble dryers may be used but not left unattended.

However there have been several reports of the dryers suffering from fire damage some time after being used.

As an alternative we have been made aware that Whirlpool have offered some ones a replacement tumble dryer at a reduced cost, reported as being £99 as an alternative to waiting for the free of charge modification to be carried out.

It has also come to light, via a report in the Telegraph, that Hotpoint was made aware of the potential problem in 2013 by Which?.

More recently it has been reported that a Hotpoint tumble dryer was responsible for a fire after the modification was carried out, as reported by the Mail Online. The same report indicates that “at least 750 fires” have been associated with this issue.

Recently leaked email suggest that inexperienced staff may be used to modify these tumble dryers in a bid to scythe the waiting times for a modification to be carried out. This would, in our opinion, suggest that Whirlpool are under increasing pressure to reduce the waiting times.

Some trade members, primarily WTA members, have expressed grave concern over allowing operatives trained solely on how to carry out this modification being allowed to attend and effect the modification as, they will be unlikely to spot other issues through lack of experience and or knowledge about other potential issues on the appliances that they are working on.

From the issue reported with a dryer subsequently going on fire after modification the need for safety and vigilance would certainly appear to be a valid concern. 

However it should be noted that, until we have the full details of the reasons behind this it is difficult to arrive at any definitive conclusion.

Recently other information suggests that another concern, perhaps the primary one, is that waiting times for normal service calls is being extended due to the huge influx of work generated by this unprecedented recall. Concerns have been voiced by service agents as well as insurers over the length of time that can be taken to arrange an initial service visit on normal repairs, with some extending beyond acceptable levels.

Whirlpool group Tumble Dryers
Does anyone know what the engineers are doing to make these machines \'safe\'.?
Which particular components are being changed,
or what other modifications are being made.?

derek brash
Is my tumble dryers safe it\'s a Awz 7303 is it safe to use my email is thedbstudio@yah can you let me know
So far as we are aware no dryers other than those highlighted are affected by this notice so, no.

Do follow the tumble dryer safety tips however as any dryer can be a free risk if not maintained correctly.

s mutch
I have a candy tumble drier but cannot see any recall notices. is my tumble drier safe thank you
So far as we know there are no Candy Group tumble dryers that are subject to a recall presently.

Do however ensure that you follow the tumble dryer safety tips that are given on the site and you should be fine.

charles walters
can you help me I payed £49 last week in place of the recall date sept 2016 they said an email will be sent with ref number TD1094678 for indeset 8kg condenser dryer to be collected from currys of mannsfield notts 17/6/16 I need this email asap as currys say this must be available on collection as I have hired van to collect 2 days away,i sending this mail as after 2 calls 35 mis and 24 mins no answer please please reply!
Hi Charles,

I am afraid we cannot help you with that as we have no connection to Indesit, Whirlpool, Hotpoint or Currys and we are not the people that you have called who I suspect will be the Whirlpool care line.

Mrs S Cave
Recall of Indesit tumble dryers
I registered my tumble dryer with whirlpool December 2015 and was told that someone would contact me within 8 weeks to facilitate repair. 8 weeks passed and I rang again. Was told it would be November 2016. I am 72 years old and wary of using it. I had only purchased it two months prior to the problems. November 2016 is not good enough in my opinion. Feel like dumping it at the shop I purchased it from and telling them they can keep it!!
Roger Morton
Indesit dryer recall
I registered my Indesit dryer fore modification in December 2015. This was acknowledged by Indesit.
I was given a modification date of May 2016. Then June 2016.
Today I received an e-mail from Indesit stating that the modification will be carried out in May 2017. this cannot be righht. Surely this will increase the chances of it catching fire no matter how carefully we watch it.

Kenneth Watt
Hi Roger,

No, not if the dryer is maintained it shouldn't have any increased risk.

The only thing that can go on fire is accumulated lint/fluff, not the dryer itself per say. So, as long as the fluff isn't allowed to build up in it then there shouldn't be any issue.

The way it build up is through filters not being cleared regularly enough or through some other fault, if that were so, the dryer would be noisy indeed and easily noticed.

There is more on how to stay safe with any tumble dryer in broad terms in the tumble dryer safety tips article.

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