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Which? are calling for a judicial review to be launched into the handling of the Hotpoint tumble dryer safety program by Peterborough Trading Standards.

Whirlpool and tumble dryers again!Which? stated that it was “stepping up its action” with the judicial review request to the High Court following the local Trading Standard’s “failure to review the situation in light of this report”.

Which? said: “Following earlier attempts to get PTS to do the right thing, we now have no choice but to pursue formal legal action to ensure consumers are protected.

“The judicial review will ask the High Court to assess whether Peterborough Trading Standards’ handling of the case since the London Fire Brigade’s report has been lawful.”

Which? director of home and legal services, Alex Neill, said: “We believe that the way Whirlpool has handled the tumble dryer safety issue is absolutely appalling and to add insult to injury Peterborough Trading Standards has failed to do its duty to protect consumers.

“We have decided to step in and take legal action because we want Peterborough Trading Standards to properly protect Whirlpool customers and carry out its role as an enforcer of product safety laws.”

Peterborough City Council however aren’t wearing it and have responded to the call saying that, “The safety of consumers is our paramount concern and has been throughout our involvement in this matter.

“An independent review, which began earlier this month, is currently taking place and we would expect Whirlpool to fully comply with the outcome. This review involves independent experts in fire safety, product safety and product risk assessment.

“We will strongly defend our position if Which? is granted a judicial review and bearing in mind the on-going independent review we consider that this action is premature.”

Quite where this will all end is anyone’s guess but, even if there is a judicial review undertaken as Which? are pursuing any outcome is likely to take years to come around, probably by then the dryers that are in question will be modified or indeed so old as to have been replaced naturally.

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