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Whirlpool reckons that there are still around 65,000 dangerous dryers still out there in the wild and, how anyone can't be aware of this now escapes us with the sheer amount of coverage it's had in the past few years but, apparently, some people still don't know about it.

Dryers that might be an issue were under the Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline brands and were sold in the UK for 11 years.

As it's now a full recall users have a choice of the action that can be taken which includes:

  • A free replacement dryer with no extra charges for collection or disposal of the old machine
    A free, one-hour modification of the old machine
    A discounted upgrade to a higher specification model than the free replacement
    A partial refund of up to £150, with owners of older machines getting less than those with newer ones

To check if your dryer is affected please go to the dedicated page here to check if your dryer is one that needs action taken to sort out.

Whirlpool have been roundly criticised for how all this has been handled but it really is important to understand that they inherited this problem form Indesit when they bought the company. They didn't make the mess, they just has to sort it and foot the bill for it all.

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