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Daewoo have launched some new products this month including this interesting wall mounted washing machine called the  Mini that can be wall mounted.

The new Daewoo Mini washing machine

Daewoo describes the Mini as being about one-sixth the size of an ordinary drum washing machine. Wall-mounting the washing machine is designed to help owners avoid back strain, save energy, and free up floor space.

The daewoo Mini washing machine is said to have a 3-kg load capacity so it is not suitable for family use but may be perfect for single or elderly people .

So far we have no information on whether daewoo plan to introduce this small washing machine to Europe or the UK nor do we have any pricing or availability on the washing machine. However, it is a pretty unique product that could have a good niche market in the UK and of course in Europe but, given the trouble that daewoo Electronics has been in over the past few years it is not possible to know whether we wil ever see this washing machine here or not.

You can view the Korean advert for the washing machine below, just click on the image to launch the video player although the advert is short and in Korean for the most part, it gives you an idea of the washing machine well enough.

At the same press event daewoo also introduced the Klasse Cube three-door, large-capacity refrigerator with separate storage for vegetables and other foods.

"We wanted to introduce new and innovative products into the market that would form a new trend in the home appliance industry," said a daewoo spokesperson.

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