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For a few weeks now we've been trying to fathom what's been going on with Daewoo as, parts were not exactly ever easy for them but lately, many are just impossible to get. We may have an answer. Or sorts.

We stumbled over a few models that had been made by Vestel, yes we know as does most in the industry that Vestel makes stuff for everyone, their dog and their granny but it seemed a bit odd as Daewoo have, until now, made their own in Korea.

Well, it turns out according to reports that Daewoo are looking at Vestel to make ever increasing numbers of products for the EU in a bid to increase its European presence.

Now Daewoo is getting Vestel to build some refrigeration, televisions and dishwashers for them as well with an eye on doubling it's range of products.

Daewoo is also said to be developing new products with Vestel in a bid to move a bit more upmarket.

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