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Bosch Siemens Group (BSH) have opened a new factory will produce slimline washing machines, which are thinner than most standard washing machines in St. Peterburgh, Russia.

Bosch open a new washing machine factory in Russia

The annual capacity amounts to about 350,000 appliances that will be produced at the new facility. BSH have invested some €33 million in the new factory that will employ roughly 250 employees. Over the past 18 years BSH has continuously expanded its presence in Russia and has been operating a refrigerator factory since 2007 as well as opening a new logistics center this year as well.

“All our facilities here in St. Petersburg produce according to strict German quality and environmental standards,” said Dr. Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet, BSH CEO at the inauguration cere-mony. “As of this year, the site is also certified according to international ISO standards for quality and environmental protection. And that’s a good fit with the goals of the Russian government: By 2020, it wants to create economic growth without increasing energy and resource consumption.”

The first washing machines produced from the new plant will be available in Russia in September this year.

Slimline washing machines are produced for the Russian market as well as others to cater to the demand for washing machines which are considerably thinner than standard washing machines and fit into the relatively small standard Russian apartments.

Elements of washing machines had been produced in Germany and shipped to St. Petersburg for assembly. The annual capacity of that line was around 130 thousand units. Now washing machines are produced completely in St. Petersburg.

Together with the opening of this factory, the first part of the logistics centre was launched next door on an area of 10,000 square meters.

The Bosch refrigerator factory has a capacity of around 500,000 units per year.

In total around 900 employees work for BSH St. Petersburg in the laundry and refrigerator factories as well as in the logistics center.

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