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According to a report by Joy Online, Bosch has shown interest in establishing a refrigeration assembling plant in Ghana as a total ban of second-hand fridges comes into force from January next year in the African country.

Bosch mulls making fridges in Ghana, Africa

Investors representing the company are reported to be in discussions with the Ghana Energy Commission and other stakeholders over plans to establish production in the country.

Head of Energy Efficiency and Climate Change at the Energy Commission, Kofi Agyarko is optimistic that the plan will move forward.

“Investors are ready but they want to see how effectively we can implement the ban because the fluorescent used-refrigerator market has always been a scaring factor to them. We are working together with those who deal in the used refrigerators to switch to the importation of new refrigerators” he said.

He also disclosed Bosch’s plans to first offer products for sale and gradually expand its presence in the country.

“Just last week we met with them and they have submitted a series of proposals which we are considering. We have also trained mechanics across the country to enhance their capacities to handle the new refrigerators that are coming in” he added.

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