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In another bid to get some smarts into appliances Bosch have teamed up with a company called Drop who are to provide software to make Bosch’s Series 8 ovens a little bit smarter.

Bosch ramp up the smarts with a smart oven... sort ofThe new range has been announced at the IFA 2016 show in Berlin.

Drop currently make a smart digital scale along with a companion app to guide people through measuring and cooking recipes.

And going by the comment from the co-founder of Drop, Ben Harris who said that, "The oven will grow and get better as our software gets better," the plan will be to update the software over time.

We’ve yet to see the full details of the new gadgetry from Bosch but we don’t expect it to be all that different from the other “connected” appliances we see in that, it will have limited use and probably won’t play nice with any other home automation technologies.

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