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Due to the closure of a component supplier Bosch, Neff and Siemens dishwashers are reported to be in short supply and that dishwasher supplies will remain short until early in 2017.

Bosch dishwashers may well become a rare sight due to stock shortagesBosch hope to have normal supplies back in January but, till then dealers and customers might struggle to get some of the more popular dishwasher models.

In the letter to retailers, BSH said: “We appreciate that this is a critical trading time of year, and would like to apologise for the disruption this may cause to your business and your customers. We kindly ask for your understanding during this challenging time and would like to assure you that we are working to obtain further information.”

Heather Butcher, group marketing manager at BSH Home Appliances, told kbbreview: “I can confirm we issued a communication to our trade customers this week regarding a component supplier going into receivership. We are still supplying some dishwashers. We will continue to communicate directly with our customers with further updates and information.”

Thus far we are not aware of what component supplier has folded so we don’t know if any spare parts will be affected by this turn of events but, probably would be the answer although it is likely to affect only certain items. As usual, spares and service are probably the last to know or be told.

More concerning is if an alternative isn’t found then people could face not being able to get a spare part and then not be able to get a replacement dishwasher either (well a BSH brand one anyway) until the new year.

Meanwhile everyone else will swoop in and steal the sales so, good news for some people we expect.

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